Screen Frames

The development of the modular screen panels also led to the development of unique support frame designs. The market leading Pipe Top Stringer frame is used in all types of mining operations varying from light to very heavy duty applications.


We manufacture a wide variety of frames that will fit in almost all vibrating screen types.

Modular Pipe Top Stringers Fames

The modularity of the Pipe Top stringer offer controlled replacement of critical wear areas thereby reducing operational costs.

The development of the Pipe Top stringer also allowed for the development of a screen panel with increased open area and used in conjunction with our ‘maxi’ panels offer excellent open area.

  • Stringers are available in Mild Steel and 3CR12
  • Pipe Tops available in Mild Steel and Stainless Steel.
  • Different combinations, configurations and permutations are available to suit operational environment.

The advantages

  • Maximised open area
  • Longer stringer and frame life compared to conventional stringers
  • Can accommodate any panel that fits on a angle iron stringer or box frame
  • Minimises flat areas on the frame where fines collect and act as grinding paste
  • Modular frame replacement

Replaceable Pipe Top Stringers

Exactly the same benefits as the standard Pipe Top stringer with a few added advantages:

  • Do not have to replace frame if fixing holes are worn
  • Quick replacement of worn holes
  • Low skill level required for replacement
  • Cost effective
  • Can convert to a Polysnap fixing easily by screwing in adaptor

Box Frames

Heavy duty applications. Multiple fixings from 4 pin to 12 pin.

Other Types

We also manufacture Angle Iron Stringer Frames as well as Skeleton Frames.

Construction and Finsishing

Frames are constructed using :

  • I beams
  • Round beams / Seamless Tubing
  • Channel
  • Boxed channel
  • In various dimensions.

There are various options for finishing the frames :

  • Polycoated
  • Painted to customer’s specifications
  • Rubberlined
  • Galvanised
Installation and Service

Screenex have a very experienced and highly skilled team that can install and maintain the frame on site.

The stringer frames can also be supplied in kit form.

Refurbishment of Vibrating Screens and Frames

We do full refurbishment of vibrating screens from sideplate to sideplate.

Frame Accessories

Replaceable Pipe

Replaceable Pipe Top Inserts

Screw In Pipe Top

Polysnap Inserts

Huck Bolt Cap

Huckbolt Caps